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Urgent Request for Doctors to Serve on Medical Mission Trips

OCMC is in urgent need of a physician and/or a physician's assistant to join Medical Mission Trips to Uganda (May 9-21) and Guatemala (April 8-17 and August 26-September 4). Medical personnel are needed to conduct medical clinics and offer health instruction. OCMC invites you to join these opportunities to offer physical and spiritual care to people for whom medical care is virtually unattainable. For more information, please visit www.ocmc.org, e-mail teams@ocmc.org, or call 1-877 GO FORTH (ext. 141).

by OCMC Announcement (Posted 1/27/2016)
Striking a Balance: The Importance of Mission Teams to Alaska
Striking a Balance: The Importance of Mission Teams to Alaska

Alaska, though as much a part of the United States as any other state, is a land apart. It is unique in its history and culture. It is because of this history and the Native Alaskan people that the ministries of the OCMC are so important there.In Alaska, Orthodoxy was the first expression of Christianity that was presented to the native people. Thanks to the efforts of men like St. Herman, many of the Alaskan people came to accept the Faith. The roots of the Church run deep in...

by Alex Goodwin (Posted 1/15/2016)
OCMC Executive Director Fr. Martin Ritsi Meets with the Ecumenical Patriarch, His All-Holiness Bartholomew
OCMC Executive Director Fr. Martin Ritsi Meets with the Ecumenical Patriarch, His All-Holiness Bartholomew

On Friday, December 11th, 2015, following a lunch hosted at the Patriarchate, OCMC Executive Director Fr. Martin Ritsi had a private meeting with the Ecumenical Patriarch, His All-Holiness Bartholomew. Fr. Martin, on behalf of the Mission Center's board, staff, missionaries, volunteers, and supporters thanked the Ecumenical Patriarch for his support, encouragement, and prayers for OCMC's mission ministries around the world. His All-Holiness expressed his appreciation for...

by Alex Goodwin (Posted 1/7/2016)
Join an OCMC Short-Term Teaching Team in 2016

Orthodox Mission Teams empower the Church at home and abroad by working, witnessing, worshipping, and making disciples. Help in the efforts to educate and encourage mission communities around the world in the Orthodox Faith by teaching catechists, youth and young adults, clergy, and other church leaders. In 2016, the opportunities to be "messengers who bring good news" are available on Orthodox Mission Teams to Mexico, Albania, Indonesia, and Kenya. Team applications and additional opportunities are available online at www.ocmc.org, or by calling OCMC at 1-877-463-6787 (ext. 142).

by OCMC Announcement (Posted 12/2/2015)
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God of truth and love: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Hear our prayer for those who do not know You. That they may come to a saving knowledge of the truth, and that Your Name may be praised among all peoples of the world. Sustain, inspire, and enlighten Your servants who bring them the Gospel. Bring fresh vigor to wavering faith; sustain our faith when it is still fragile. Continually renew missionary zeal in ourselves and in the Church, and raise up new missionaries who will follow You to the ends of the world. Make us witnesses to Your goodness full of love, full of strength, and full of faith for Your glory and the salvation of the entire world. Through the prayers of all the missionary saints, Have mercy on us and save us. Amen.