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Destruction of a Church in Albania
Destruction of a Church in Albania

Today on August 26, 2015, before dawn at around 4 o'clock in the morning, in order not to confront the residents of Dhermi in Himara, the Orthodox church of St. Athanasius was secretly and insidiously destroyed by construction inspection forces which were brought from other areas of the country.It was dejecting and offensive to see the Holy Gospel, the Icons and the sacred objects buried under the rubble. This act reminds us of the desecration at St. Mary's Church in Permet,...

by Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania (Posted 8/27/2015)
Teaching the Faith in Pilot Station and Marshall, Alaska
Teaching the Faith in Pilot Station and Marshall, Alaska

The Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) had a great need for mission team members for the youth camp in Pilot Station, Alaska; I heard a calling to participate in this capacity for my second-ever mission trip.We were part of a youth teaching trip in July 2015, serving the youth of Pilot Station and Marshall, in the southwestern Alaska wilderness. We camped under the stars along the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge, on the Atchuelinguk River (Ecuilnguq in the Yup'ik language,...

by Betty Yanowsky Slanta (Posted 8/6/2015)
Growing in Truth: Lessons Learned and Given in Alaska
Growing in Truth: Lessons Learned and Given in Alaska

During Vespers in the village parish at Kasigluk, a young girl named Heather came into church, looking for our mission team. She ran up to me and began to hang off the pockets of my cassock. Now, in Holy Trinity, as with many parishes in Alaska, the faithful are separated with men on the right side of the church and women on the left side. So here I was, trying to focus on Vespers with a child hanging off of me, and worse yet, she was on the "wrong" side of the church! What if she got in...

by Andrew Wythe (Posted 8/5/2015)
Celebrating the Orthodox Family
Celebrating the Orthodox Family

"Celebrating the Orthodox Family" was the theme of the family camp held in Elbasan, Albania, on July 27-31, 2015. The camp was organized and led by OCMC Missionaries Nathan and Gabriela Hoppe, assisted by Dn. Stephanos and Alexandria Ritsi, together with members of the Central Children's Office of the Orthodox Church of Albania. The program featured parallel activities for the parents and their children. There were also times of fun for the whole family to be together, including...

by Gabriela Hoppe (Posted 8/5/2015)
New Opportunities for the Moore Family
New Opportunities for the Moore Family

So much has happened with our family in the last few weeks! Thank you so much for your prayers, especially during the recent visit of OCMC's Executive Director, Fr. Martin Ritsi, to Mongolia. We had many meetings and discussions thoroughly examining this mission field and our hopes, as well as discernment of our next steps in ministry. Over the days we spent together, we considered Chris's growing desire to pursue future theological studies and began to wonder, "Could the...

by Chris and Jen Moore (Posted 8/4/2015)
OCMC Missionary Dr. William Black Arrives in Kenya
OCMC Missionary Dr. William Black Arrives in Kenya

Dr. William Black has arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, as an Orthodox missionary.Dr. Black had completed a PhD in Early Modern British History under the supervision of Prof. Eamon Duffy at Cambridge. It was during these years that Bill was first introduced to Orthodoxy through his friend, Fr. John Jillions, who then was also studying in Cambridge and serving as the Director of the...

by Alex Goodwin (Posted 7/24/2015)
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